Michael O'Dea1

M, b. 1821, d. 15 August 1909
Father*Thomas O'Dea1 b. c 1785
Mother*Catherine Loughlin1 b. c 1780
ChartsThomas (John) O'Dea Descendant Chart (Box)
Thomas (John) O'Dea Descendant Chart (Indented)
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Michael and Kate Stokes O'Dea
     Michael O'Dea was born in 1821 in Milltown in the Parish of Aglishcormick, Lought, County Limerick.1 He married Kate Stokes on 27 February 1862 in Solohead and Oola, County Limerick.1 Michael O'Dea died on 15 August 1909 in Ballinvereena in the Parish of Oola, County Tipperary.1


Kate Stokes b. 1837, d. 1 Feb 1912


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