In 1841, John and Bridget O'Dea Lynch emigrated to Australia.

In 1841, Bridget O'Dea Lynch emigrated to Australia. Bridget's brother Michael followed in 1844. He was a bounty emigrant and records state he "has a sister in the Colony married to a man named Lynch." He originally arrived in Sydney and from there it is thought that he went to The Gap near Yass in New South Wales. He married Mary Purtell in 1848 in Bowning, New South Wales. He then joined the Californian Gold Rush in the United Staes of America 1849 to look for gold. He returned to Yass in Australia before travelling south to join his sister in the Tower Hill district in south -west Victoria. He became licensee of the nearby Carleton Inn, Killarney. The pub still stands and is operated today as a motel.