A note from BobbyRek
posted on June 28, 2021
A note from Julie Morello
posted on February 12, 2020
Your 4-H past coming back to haunt you. I hope to be at Skaalen on Sunday afternoon. If I get there, I hope you will play Waltzing With Bears & Banana Slug. (I remember Casey teaching me/our club those songs.)
A note from Rick Scala
posted on April 1, 2019
When you guys play in Maine, I will be first in line!
A note from JoAnn Hoffman
posted on September 28, 2018
I brought my 93 year old mom to your performance at the Waunakee Senior Center. Both of us enjoyed your performance immensely. Just an all around awesome show.
A note from Connie Wilsnack
posted on May 3, 2018
So glad you are joining us on Sunday May 20th at the Arlington United Methodist Church. Service is at 10:00am, especially looking forward to children’s time.
A note from Connie Wilsnack
posted on March 18, 2018
Loved your gig at Winery last night. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you guys! Nice wholesome entertainment, relaxing. Have I really not seen you in ten years? Wow, time to live.
A note from Gene Q
posted on July 17, 2017
Really enjoyed your Irish tunes at Tuvalu Coffee House on St. Patrick’s Day!
A note from Marie
posted on September 17, 2012
I remember you coming to Preschool of the Arts when I was younger. I love your songs!
A note from Dee Squire
posted on June 5, 2012
Loved hearing your music at the wine tasting party on Sat. June 1st. I am enjoying listening to the 2 CDs I bought from you and remembering the fun night that it was! †
A note from Kathy
posted on March 19, 2012
Hi Casey and Greg - I so much enjoyed your performance in Mauston on Tuesday. It is always a pleasure to see and hear you. I am working with library staff to book you at Christmas time and again for St. Patty’s next year too. Thank you both for your gift of traditional Irish music. I have been listening to your CD and particularly like ’Down by the Glenside’. Would it be a bother to send me the lyrics?? Thanks and God Bless you both.
A note from Lise
posted on February 4, 2012
Hi Casey - Delighted to hear you (and Greg) sing at our dinner!
A note from Mary L.
posted on March 18, 2011
Thanks for making St. Patricks day special! Your music made us kick up our feet and dance in our hearts.
A note from Judy
posted on June 30, 2010
Hi Casey & Greg, You did it again...provided an evening of great music in our courtyard. All the residents of Rosewood Villa think you are the greatest duo ever! Keep on singing.
A note from Will
posted on March 10, 2010
Hey Greg and Casey. You dudes are gnarly.
A note from Quinn Sterling
posted on November 1, 2009
Hey Casey, I still love that Batman song!
A note from Bridget (age3)
posted on September 3, 2009
I have a card for you. I have new chicks. I have a really good house. I have beautiful paintings that I paint and lots of good drawings. I like your music. I have beautiful lights and a beautiful house. Come and visit. See you soon Casey! Bridget
A note from Kitty Law
posted on June 9, 2009
Thanks for letting my sister and I harmonize with you at 4LYC Sat. night. We sure had fun. You two are the greatest !
A note from Carrie (Markiewicz) Arndorfer
posted on October 3, 2008
Hi Casey and Greg! On my gosh, I got your website from a friend of mine who works with the Madison Libraries. I met you guys way back when you were singing at McDonald’s on Odana Road, and I was working there. Then Casey and I sang at a couple of coffee shops a few times, and it was awesome. Glad to know you’re still out there singing! I’m married now, and have 2 children of my own (ages 5 and 3, both boys). I’m teaching private voice and piano lessons at my home, and I was just hired as Music Director at an Episopal Church. I live in North Lake, Wi (which is kind of halfway between Milwaukee and Madison). I’d love to see you guys! I think my kids would love to hear you sing! :) Carrie
A note from Sherry Babington
posted on July 16, 2008
We really enjoyed your concert at Concerts in the Park in Sun Prairie on 7/15. I am hoping that you will be recording In The Garden on the concertina soon.
A note from mary ann
posted on March 30, 2008
Can you believe that these two guys drove a little over 3 hours to perform for us??? AND WE ARE GLAD THEY DID, WHAT AN AWESOME TEAM!!! YOU GUYS ROCK, WE LOVED YOUR PERFORMANCE AND CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE YOU BACK AGAIN. LOVE ANTIGO WI
A note from Gao Lee
posted on September 7, 2007
Casey, the other day, I had "Irish Jig" stuck in my head all day, and it really bothered me because I forgot ALL the lyrics! Is it in a CD somewhere? Well, I thought about you and just wanted to say hello. My daughter is now almost a year old (can you believe that?). I miss Madison and Preschool of the Arts, will have to visit when I’m in town.
A note from Linds
posted on May 14, 2007
You guys ROCK!!! I Love you both and I hope to get a chance to see your performance at the end of May :) Peace and Love!!!!
A note from Paulette
posted on March 6, 2007
Casey- Do you remember me? I worked with you at Preschool of the Arts several years ago. (I was in the Kindergarten room with Ronnie Smith). Anyway, you wrote a song about head lice and I lost my tape. Do you still sell the tape/cd with all those great silly songs on it? I am teaching Kindergarten again and would love to play some of your songs. Thanks!
A note from Jo Ann Harvey
posted on March 6, 2007
My family and I heard you at a park two summers ago sponsered by the Menasha Public Library. I bought one CD (Songs for the Whole Family) and we played it to shreds. I am ordering another copy plus {People are People and A Decade Of Songs. I hope all is well with you both and may the Lord continue to bless your work.
A note from Vera
posted on February 21, 2007
Hey guys, I had no idea you had a website! It looks great!! I see that there are a couple CD’s that we don’t have and will need to be getting. "Uncle Casey and his friend Greg" are often requested at our house.
A note from NickySS
posted on December 24, 2006
Hi! Nice infomation on your site, thanks!
A note from Allison Matysik
posted on November 11, 2006
Hello Casey and Greg (Dad), I look forward to hearing you play next time I’m home! I hope your shows have gone well this fall! See you soon! Love, AL :)
A note from Curt
posted on July 12, 2006
Hi. very nice! My sister and I looked for your site on the web.
A note from Pam Copus
posted on May 20, 2006
Thanks so much for coming to Darlington. You guys were great! Casey, I saw the look on Dad’s face when you were introducing "Mathamania". I know he was thinking back on MY algebra and geometry scores! Greg, It was nice to see you again. Take care!
A note from Loretta Johnson
posted on May 15, 2006
You guys were Fantastic! You have so much energy. I never danced so much! Please let me know when you play next. Thanks for the fun, Loretta
A note from Denny Earle
posted on May 9, 2006
Okay, so Iím the 1960's hippie who accosted you at the HOPES suicice prevention walk on Saturday, May 6, 2006 at Olin-Turville Park. (You know, the weird guy in the poncho.) As you know it was a rather emotional day. Thank you for your music and your sensitivity. You guys are actually good! Scary. I see so many mediocre acts. Thanks for the CD, and keep up the good work. Denny Earle, í60s Hippie at Large††
A note from Audra Schauer
posted on February 4, 2006
Hi Casey- Its Zacks Mom from PSA. Just a note to say thank you so much for playing at Zack’s party a couple years back-you are the BEST! I am ordering a bunch of CDs next week. Keep in touch, Audra
A note from Amy Verheyden (Thompson)
posted on December 21, 2005
Hi Casey and Greg: This is the first time I've actually found your web site. Its GREAT! We've marked the calendar for your performance at Overture in January, and plan to be there! You are the best and its been our honor to know you both over the years. Amy, Mike, David and Emily†
A note from Julie Stoflet
posted on November 21, 2005
Well Casey and Greg, I hope to get out to see and hear you. I love the band you play in "Moondance" so I know I will love hearing the two of you together. Thank you for the wonderful entertainment you give to us.
A note from Roberta S.
posted on September 20, 2005
I listened to your songs tonite. You blend so well. Is it Casey who sings so high? Have you written all of the songs including the childrens? Who plays what on the Irish tunes?
A note from Debbie Young
posted on September 6, 2005
Hey Guys! You dont know me, but Caseys parents do. You have a great website here. Keep up the good work. Id love to hear some of your music also. Youll probably hear from me again. Keep on singing!!!
A note from Ally and B
posted on April 28, 2005
Checked out your site.... very impressive as was the C.D you sent. Pleased to see some Irish numbers on there!! Passing the address on to others to have a look :-)
A note from Nancy
posted on March 6, 2005
Casey and Greg How wonderful that your friendship and musical bond continues to flourish. I remember the venue of that first photo of the two of you playing together! Cheers,
A note from Maggie
posted on February 5, 2005
Our family has been enjoying your music for years. You are great musicians and offer smooth harmonies and entertaining music. Thanks for sharing your talents with so many!
A note from Mike
posted on February 4, 2005
You guys are great, you provide the perfect atmosphere for relaxing conversation, sing alongs and reflective thought. Keep up the great work!
A note from Matt
posted on February 4, 2005
The site looks great, guys! I cant wait to see you play again!
A note from Tim
posted on February 4, 2005
Greg and Casey, You guys rock my world!
A note from Mickey
posted on February 3, 2005
These guys are awesome. Every time I hear them Im wowed by their vast repertoire and their wonderful harmonies. One of my favorites is House at Pooh Corner because I love the way their voices blend. Great website. Look forward to hearing you again.†
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